Thorough guidelines are established by the College of Dental Surgeons of Saskatchewan, the Canadian Dental Association and the Canadian Academy of Endodontics to ensure that patients receive the best care possible from their general dentist and dental specialist, including their endodontist. For those patients interested, it is easy to find these guidelines and descriptions of the expected standards of care by visiting the respective websites of these associations. Among other things, it is expected that a patient's endodontist offer the patient the best care possible, using the latest technology and materials.

State of the Art Endodontic Equipment

Dr. Stark's office employs state of the art equipment including the electronic apex locator to accurately determine the length of individual root canals.


Digital xrays
Digital x-ray equipment is used to produce high-quality and quickly available images of the patient's tooth, with minimal radiation exposure to the patient.


High-power operating microscopy allows for excellent visibility and illumination to aid in many aspects of treatment, including identification of cracks, finding tiny canals and for accurate placement of sealing materials.


Dr. Stark and his staff will be pleased to explain the use and importance of these pieces of equipment and others, when you visit Midtown Endodontics.